"Sandra Moore was incredible to work with! Sandra met with my daughter, Olivia, in regular one-on-one, sessions to keep her focused. With Sandra's assistance, Olivia's essay was finished before her classmates even began theirs. (Her English teacher was quite impressed!) Sandra was always available to answer all my questions and made this very anxious time in our lives less stressful. I highly recommend her services!"
— Monica Relyea, Hyde Park, NY

Editor's Note: Sandra Moore subsequently also successfully worked with Olivia's younger brother.

"When the dean of admission called to congratulate me [on my ED acceptance to Colby], he said that what had particularly interested the staff about my application was my interest in art, which I demonstrated through sending supplemental photographs of my work. Thank you so much for pointing out that this was something that would likely benefit me, because it wasn't something I thought [as a prospective English major] was important. Without this little "extra" who knows whether I would have been accepted!"
— Sophia Pelosi, Red Hook, NY ( Red Hook High School '15; only one of two seniors at RHHS admitted ED by December 31, 2014)

Sandra Moore’s coaching made “the” difference as my son prepared to interview at his first-choice college. She helped him to see the interview as an opportunity to demonstrate that he was a great match for the college. As a result, his approach to the interview changed: instead of presenting as a casual, laid-back and overly humble candidate, he demonstrated genuine enthusiasm and confident readiness. He left the interview excited, believing that he had successfully conveyed his strengths and goals intelligently and with humor. He was accepted to Oberlin and loves it.
— Robert Strauss, M.D., Poughkeepsie, NY

Thank goodness for Sandra! Our daughter was unmotivated and somewhat apprehensive about the college application process. She was not taking direction from us and had done little research on her own. Because our daughter's a top student, we thought she’d take on more responsibility, but when she didn’t we were so happy to have Sandra helping her see options and opportunities as well as meet deadlines. Sandra knows how to encourage kids to think beyond their sphere of experience, and she was always availble, put in a lot of time with our daughter and made her feel important and cared about during a very hectic time. A freshman in college this fall, she is so happy with her choice, the engineering program at Northeastern University, and loving her life!
— Tricia Prunty, Pleasant Valley, NY

"I have been thinking long and hard about how to put into words what your help has meant to and done for me. The experience of working with you was more than just getting counseling throughout the college search and application processes. I was going through a difficult time at home, and had my doubts about even applying to college. You really were one of the people who truly supported me. And, reflecting on it now, four years later with one more semester left in my undergraduate studies, I really don't think I would have been able to complete the process without your guidance and encouragement."
— Tara Adams, Millbrook, NY (Millbrook High School '11)
Undergraduate Research Assistant/Electrical Engineering major and Biomedical Engineering minor, Boston University '15

"Although the cost of Sandra Moore’s services—which BTW is more modest than most—was something my husband and I had to consider before hiring her, we believe in the long run she actually saved us money while providing us with enormous benefits. Using Sandra’s services resulted in much less work and aggravation for us as parents and greatly decreased the kind of uncertainty that plagues most families during the junior and senior high school years. Sandra suggested colleges that, on our own, we likely would not have considered but seemed to match our son’s needs perfectly. Since Sandra focuses on recommending schools where she thinks the student has a good chance of being admitted (including those that offer generous merit scholarships), you don’t waste your time or set your child up for disappointment. My son applied to nine colleges, was admitted to seven and waitlisted at two. In the end, he had to decide among his top three choices—a good problem to have! My son believes he’s selected the school that will challenge him academically while also being a good fit for him personally. He’s excited to start school in the fall at University of Rochester, and we owe this to Sandra’s guidance and encouragement."
— Theresa Supple, Fishkill, NY

There is so much hysteria around the college “ordeal” that it’s easy to get lost in the process, so we are grateful to Sandra Moore for guiding us through it. We could not have done it without Sandra’s counseling, suggestions and handholding. She offered guidance and concrete recommendations about what was within our daughter’s reach and, more importantly, what was worth reaching for. Our daughter was accepted to her first-choice school, Skidmore, where she thrived and from which she recently graduated.
— Diane Botnick, Cold Spring, NY

Sandra Moore turned our son’s “next step” into a stress-free experience with a successful outcome. She created a solid bridge with a student so full of anxiety that he was overwhelmed by just the thought of beginning the college search process. And as parents we were full of ambivalence about our role, questioning our ability to help him. Our relationship with Sandra was very different from the one we had had with his high school guidance counselors, who were inundated with large case loads and could give him only limited attention. She communicated openly and frequently with us and gave our family the confidence to move forward. And with her insight, perspective and knowledge, Sandra directed us to a college that is a great match with his particular needs. What we received from her and Next Step College Counseling went above and beyond our expectations. Our son got not only a counselor but also a mentor and a coach.
— Sandra Valenti, Hyde Park, NY

My daughter and I thank Sandra Moore for her priceless assistance during the college search and application process. I traveled with my daughter on her initial visit to the Susquehanna University campus and was as impressed as she with the students, administration and facilities. Her later visit as an accepted student reinforced our first impression, especially after talks with students and faculty. Without Sandra's suggestion, the school would have gone unnoticed by us. And they have been generous with scholarships and need-based grants! We are very grateful!
— Jim Early, Stuyvesant, NY

Even if I took a College Shopping 101 course, my daughter would not have given me the kind of respect (or even the attention!) she mustered every week for Sandra Moore. Sandra's ongoing questioning of my daughter's needs and preferences was the key to helping us sort through the college maze. Her follow-up e-mails not only helped my daughter stay focused but also nudged her along in the process (removing me as the villain!). The carefully considered list of options she put together was way beyond what I discovered by wandering around the internet. Sandra prepped my daughter for interviews and coached her on writing without putting an adult imprint on her work. She also listened and identified with the parents' point of view, and always kept us in the loop. We never would have discovered Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts without Sandra. Nor would we have such confidence that this school is such a perfect fit. All in all, it was the best money I could have invested to ensure a positive transition to college.
— Lesli Uribe, Cold Spring, NY

Sandra Moore speaks "college" fluently to families facing the daunting task of getting into one. For the parents, this is a huge relief; for the students, this is a plan, a way, a nuts and bolts system for being admitted to the place they want to go, and for choosing the place that wants them.
— Darrah Cloud, Stanfordville, NY

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